Bloom. (itristan) wrote in displacedooc,

One for Camelot.

Look alive, kids. Recentness of creation is no excuse for community members to be lazy. I kid. But seriously. Tristan as Sir Tristan, here. I may end up writing under 'Tristram' to reduce confusion of puppet and puppeteer. Though that might just make things more confusing. Please note that this journal is not entirely consecrated to the character, and while I'll be using it to participate in the game, you'll find no background information within its entries. Don't hesitate to contact me via private message for details concerning characterization or plottage (you know you want to). All I can tell you now is that this Tristan is a largely eclectic incarnation of the popular legend, and that he is not at all based on the 2006 film (though I may end up stealing Franco's face). I look forward to hatching plot babies with you all.

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