Titania, Queen of Faerie (faeriekin) wrote in displacedooc,
Titania, Queen of Faerie

Ill-met by moonlight

wtf lj ate it


I'm Beth and I was dragged recruited from dear_mun by Puck. I'm looking forward to playing with everyone!

Anyway, this [faeriekin] is Titania. I've been looking for a place to play her for a while, but I guess I felt too nerdish nervous until lately.

Some info about the mun:

I'm a 21-year-old English Education major with a love of everything Shakespeare- especially his fairies and witches.

As kind of a side note, my homework levels tend to be a roller coaster at times, so I may disappear for a day or two, but I'll be back every time, I promise.

So. Here goes nothing.

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